NHW Monash

Neighbourhood Watch Monash

If life is in danger or you require urgent police assistance (i.e crime in progress), dial 000.

For non-urgent police assistance, call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 or report online (police.vic.gov.au).

To report a crime anonymously, you can call Crimestoppers 1800 333 000 (freecall) or report online (crimestoppersvic.com.au)

Neighbourhood Watch Monash Inc is a volunteer group administered by an LGA Committee which meets bi-monthly. Police representatives include our Monash Crime Prevention Officer S.C. Sara Coe, Sergeant Burnie Postma and the Monash Inspector or representative.

The committee also consists of NHW volunteers:

  • Judith Clancy – Chair

  • John Ashton-Smith – Secretary

  • Len Walker – Treasurer

  • Merrin Collier – Minute Secretary

  • Joan Bungar – Monash eNews Editor

  • Kevin Tse - Facebook and Website Admin

  • Komathy Padmanabhan - Website Admin

  • Issac Kho, Jazzy Howlett - Facebook Community Moderators

NHW Monash consists of 25 active areas which are administered by Area Managers and support volunteers. Around 700 volunteers working within Monash, hold regular meetings, produce newsletters and are involved in many community activities.

​Area Managers and their committee members also meet bi-monthly in a Sector Meeting which is a forum for these members to share ideas and organize NHW activities. The Sector is managed by the same NHW volunteers that form the LGA Committee except that Dianne Chase is our Minute Secretary.

Please see the Local Areas page for a listing of the meeting dates and places for the two Committees and the Local Areas, which also includes the names of, and contact details for, the Area Managers.

You can also visit our Facebook page (@NHWMonash) for up-to-date information on our latest activities and Eyewatch - Monash Police Service Area Facebook page (@MonashEyewatch) for up-to-date information from Police .

The Eyewatch Facebook page connects your local police with the community to help assist with:

  • Crime prevention

  • Neighbourhood safety

  • Solving crimes in your area

Eyewatch is currently operating in 54 regions around Victoria. With a combined following of over 347,000, the initiative is empowering Victorians to be active participants in making their community safer.

Your local Eyewatch will keep you up-to-date with community initiatives, safety and crime prevention information and general policing updates. Speak directly with your local police to be a part of the conversation.

Get involved by following your local Eyewatch page and sharing the information with your network - your local police are waiting to connect with you!​

Neighbourhood Watch Monash and the Community

NHW supports the Police in their efforts to reduce crime.

Neighbourhood Watch is a community based crime prevention program aimed at reducing the incidence of preventable crime and creating safer communities. Members work with Police to promote crime prevention activities related to home and personal safety, work at community events and assist local police in encouraging the public to report suspicious behaviour.

Monash NHW is involved in the following specific programs of crime prevention.

Safe Plate Days

Check the Events Menu to find the next Safe Plate Day. Usually at Bunnings Notting Hill (Ferntree Gully Rd)

The program involves NHW volunteers replacing number plate screws with one-way security screws which make the theft of those plates difficult. Stolen plates are used by criminals to evade tolls, in petrol theft drive offs and in more aggressive and sometimes violent criminal activities.

Safe Plate Days are usually organised at Bunnings Stores and at Shopping Centres.

News of upcoming days are posted on the Events Page and Facebook as are the reports of each of the days.

"HotSpot" Programs

1. The distribution of pamphlets on Residential Burglary and Theft from Motor Vehicles.

This program involves targeted areas identified by the Police. New targeted areas are identified each month and a team of volunteers deliver Crime Prevention Pamphlets to those areas. Monash NHW Areas are rostered to provide volunteers each month.

2. The distribution of Business Kits and other residential information to targeted areas.

This program involves around 6-12 volunteers taken out in a small bus, usually by the Monash Crime Prevention Officer, to the targeted area where material will be distributed. Volunteers do letter-box drops for about one hour and then meet for a chat and a coffee at a local café.

Bicycle Patrols

Monash NHW has supported our local Police by purchasing two Avalanche Elite fully equipped bicycles. Police trained in the use of bicycles are able to patrol in areas not suitable for vehicles and as an effective alternative to foot patrols.

Bicycles are fitted with light sets, Echo computers, pumps and kick stands.


Operation Safe Plates - March 2022

Operation Safe Plates held on 19th March 2022 at the Bunnings FTG Road, Notting Hill was very successful with over 200 vehicles had been fitted with one way screws. The next safe plate date will be announced shortly.

STATEMENT - From our Head Office.

4th Jan 2021. With regard to an ABC investigation into a Chinese businessman, "Haha" Lui and reference to the the Australian Emergency Assistance Association that he has founded as being a 'neighbourhood watch', please note that Neighbourhood Watch Victoria has no connection to the AEAA Inc. Suggesting that the AEAA is in some way a neighbourhood watch is misleading. The activities and policies of the 2 organisations are vastly different.

Bambi Gordon. CEO. NHW Victoria.

STATE FORUM - Changes to NHW Constitution

The committee charged with studying the best course of action addressed the June 2018 State Forum.

Please follow this link for a summary of their findings.

SCAM ALERT - Threats and Kidnap Scams Targeting Chinese Community

The ACCC’s Scamwatch service is warning the Chinese community in Australia to be wary about two frightening scams targeting them that involve threats of arrest, and extortion via fake kidnappings.

For more detailed information, visit Scamwatch.