Calling all Monash Residents

NHW Monash will be holding its AGM in October 2020. There are a number of positions available for people interested in becoming involved in the community. Many of them require only sporadic commitment over the course of the year, as they are event-based. Do look over this post carefully and consider making a contribution to the security and confidence of our community. Please feel free to email if you are interested or have questions.

Monash NHW Positions Nominations

Chair Person Judith Clancy New Nomination

Secretary John Ashton-Smith Current holder

Minute Secretary Merrin Collier Current holder

Treasurer Len Walker Current holder

Media Management Kevin Tse Current holder

Editor Joan Bungar Current holder

Policy Development Doug Calvert Current holder

Membership Manager Vacant – new position

Membership Data Base Manager Vacant – new position

Certificate Production Vacant – new position

Grant Application Coordinator Vacant – new position

Festival Coordinator Vacant – new position

New Job descriptions

Membership Manager

Process all new Volunteer Applications, which may mean providing information for Police

checks. Procedures are described on Volunteer Application Forms

Process applications from non-active Areas.

Skills required - General computer skills and some diligence in record keeping. Passing on

application information to the Membership Database Manager

Membership Database Manager

Maintain a database of all Monash Volunteers. Information would be provided by the

Membership Manager.

Database is currently an Excel file however NHW Vic are developing a State wide data base.

We would then be responsible for maintaining our Monash volunteers on this central


Skills required – General computer skills including excel use and some experience in data

management would be useful. To liaise closely with the Membership Manager

Certificate Production

Process requests from Area Managers for Service Certificates. Proformas are available for

printing. Process requires over printing of personal details.

Skills required – General computer skills including Word or similar and care in over printing.

Able to commit a few hours in the last quarter of the year when we give out certificates to

local schools.

Grant Application Coordinator

Responsible for Grant Applications including managing applications for the use of Council

facilities using Smarty Grants. Committee would be responsible for requesting /approving of


Skills required – General computer skills and an experience with grant applications would

help, but would not be essential. Able and willing to commit time required for two or three

applications a year

Festival Coordinator

Work with committee to establish which festivals NHW Monash wish to be

involved/represented in – two or three a year. Liaise with Monash Council, or other body,

regarding the requirements of the festival. Complete any paperwork required, organise with

our NHW committee what we will provide at the festival and organise the NHW volunteers

to staff the function.

Skills Required – Organisation skills and an interest in community involvement. Able and

willing to commit two or three weekends a year.